COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute. Le COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute est le premier institut de recherche indépendant dans le monde pour l’information, la formation, l’évaluation de la qualité, la recherche et le conseil ayant trait au marché chinois émetteur du tourisme.

Depuis 2004 COTRI a soutenu des acteurs régionaux, nationaux et internationaux du tourisme privé et public et des détaillants locaux partout dans le monde.

Le siège social du COTRI est situé à Heide / Allemagne, avec des bureaux chinois à Beijing, Shanghai et Guangzhou et un réseau mondial de « exclusive country partners » COTRI couvrant plus de 35 pays à travers le monde.

HoteliTour a obtenu le certificat “Chine Outbound Tourism Expert Qualité” délivré par l’Institut allemand COTRI pour l’organisation de la formation sur le tourisme émetteur chinois. HoteliTour est le représentant exclusif du COTRI pour la France, Maroc et Tunisie et est membre du COTRI China Outbound Tourism Expert Panel (COTEP) composé de professionnels tout autour du monde (chercheurs, universitaires, personnalités de l’industrie du tourisme et etourisme en Chine).

COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute

CCPs Newsletter: 11th April 2014

Dear COTRI Country Partners,

We are very proud to introduce you to our new COTRI Country Partner for Portugal: Edeluc ( Fernando Costa Freire ( is Managing Partner and Mafalda Valério ( consultant and will remain the contact person for COTRI activities in Portugal. Corporate and personal details attached to this email.

Also enclosed to this email –and below published by Travel Daily News- you will find a press release about COTRI Country Partners’ network rapid growth with special focus on the last three “Iberian” companies that signed with COTRI: Insetur, Innova TaxFree and Edeluc. Please use the document as PR tool with your media partners.

Moreover, COTRI successfully participated and co-organized various events at COTTM 2014 such as panels, workshops and the CTW Award ceremony. Further information on this will be sent to you very soon. By the moment enclosed a press release award and a link to a video from Eurail that was praised with COTRI CTW Award by clicking here! In attachment also a picture of COTRI stand displaying CCPs’ world map, logos etc. in a nice and large format.

If still interested in applying for an award just click here and you will find detailed information about the Second Digital Innovation Awards. This is organized by our COTRI Country Partner DIA Digital Innovation Asia, who is looking for five top digital innovators on Asia travel and tourism.

COTRI CTW trainings have also been praised in different ways: the European Travel Commission (ETC) has included the trainings in its new flyer. This is about how to treat Chinese tourists in Europe and will be sent to tourist institutions of all the EU countries. You can download it from this link:  ETC and COTRI Brochure. Also VisitBritain has included COTRI CTW trainings into Great China Welcome Initiative, the link here. Those can be considered in your marketing strategy when promoting COTRI CTW trainings.

Finally, we hope you enjoy some latest reading about the COT market:

COTRI Newsletter will keep you informed on any news and events. I wish you all a very nice weekend.

Kind regards,

José Azorín

COTRI Head of Communications

COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute
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Tel. +49 1768 207 6845



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