COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute. Le COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute est le premier institut de recherche indépendant dans le monde pour l’information, la formation, l’évaluation de la qualité, la recherche et le conseil ayant trait au marché chinois émetteur du tourisme.

Depuis 2004 COTRI a soutenu des acteurs régionaux, nationaux et internationaux du tourisme privé et public et des détaillants locaux partout dans le monde.

Le siège social du COTRI est situé à Heide / Allemagne, avec des bureaux chinois à Beijing, Shanghai et Guangzhou et un réseau mondial de « exclusive country partners » COTRI couvrant plus de 35 pays à travers le monde.

HoteliTour a obtenu le certificat “Chine Outbound Tourism Expert Qualité” délivré par l’Institut allemand COTRI pour l’organisation de la formation sur le tourisme émetteur chinois. HoteliTour est le représentant exclusif du COTRI pour la France, Maroc et Tunisie et est membre du COTRI China Outbound Tourism Expert Panel (COTEP) composé de professionnels tout autour du monde (chercheurs, universitaires, personnalités de l’industrie du tourisme et etourisme en Chine).

COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute

CCPs Newsletter 2nd May 2014

Dear COTRI Country Partners,

Firstly, let me introduce you to the new COTRI Country Partner for Austria: Alexander Burstein from Burstein Global Travel Agency:

Alexander G. Burstein was born in Vienna and holds both Austrian and British citizenships. He has a degree in hotel & tourism from the Modul University School Vienna. After starting in tourism Alexander spent some years in the pharmaceutical industry, reaching top level positions and also serving as President of international industry associations. Back to tourism Alexander and his wife Narisa founded Burstein Global Travel in 2012. Email:

Burstein Global Travel is a Vienna based travel agency, tour operator and also provides incoming services. The geographic coverage of Burstein Global Travel is Austria & CEE (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia). In terms of package holidays Burstein Global Travel not only focuses on geography but also is proud about its theme tours. In its theme tours the company strongly emphasises the cultural heritage of Middle Europe as well as the stunning nature of especially Austria and the Alps. From the very beginning Burstein Global Travel had put its focus on travellers from Asia, especially China. Website:

Secondly, we would like to share with you some COT-relevant new materials that can be useful for your China-centric business:

Attached Prof. Arlt’s presentation for the Introductory Workshop for Exhibitors at COTTM 2014

By clicking HERE an interesting 50 seconds live chart on Chinese tourist spending growth from The Economist multimedia library

Also attached the most up-to-date COT border-crossing graphic including CTA China Tourism Academy last figures for Jan-March 2014 (26.4 mill) and COTRI last forecast for 2014

Thirdly, be noticed that COTRI has a new domain for its Chinese website:  This has been launched to provide consistency with COTRI CTW Chinese Tourist Welcome products & services, and will coexist with for a while. Please note this for your marketing activities.

Finally, please find below some interesting readings about China Outbound Tourism:

The Economist: How the growing Chinese middle class is changing the global tourism industry

LvYou 168:CTW Awards 2014 showcase best practice examples

Visit Maldives: Maldives participates at COTTM 2014

Jili Tour: Jilitour received CTW Award

Innova TaxFree magazine: Training is a key element when receiving Chinese tourists

Innova TaxFree Group (In Spanish):  COTTM Award (in French): COTTM- speaking about Chinese travellers in Mauritius

COTRI Newsletter will keep you informed on any news and events. I wish you all a nice May 1st!

Kind regards,

 José Azorín


COTRI Head of Communications

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